Friday, April 4, 2008

Working on Saturday

Yep, I am working tomorrow (Saturday) and guess what? I actually volunteered. Yeah I'm an idiot I know. I just felt so bad because the one HR person was going to be there all by himself from 8-9 today and from 8-7 tomorrow. He asked pretty much the entire company (800+ people) to volunteer and got 2 people that said they would help. That is pathetic.

So I am dragging my boyfriend along with me tomorrow and we are just going to stand there at this table for two hours. He works at the same company as I do but he will actually be able to answer questions and be helpful, whereas I will be standing there just looking pretty (or trying to).

And the good news, since I am working two hours tomorrow I get to go home two hours early today! So I have a short Friday! Yay!

My boyfriend is a big wimp because he can't work without me (even though we hardly ever see each other during the day unless it is to go to lunch) and he is gonna leave early too. Now I can workout and get home to give my dog a bath and do some cleaning.

Yeah cleaning on a Friday night and working on a Saturday. I know, I am a loser.

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