Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Other Than Allergies...Sort Of

I have been trying desperately to think of something to post besides the obvious bitching about how awful my allergies are right now. (Seriously though, they SUCK. Sore throat, stuffy and runny nose, sneezing, itchy and swollen eyes, and a rash. Yeah, I get a rash during the spring. TMI? Oh well, too bad.) I have had severe allergies since I was 6 months old and I have never met anyone who had them as bad as I do. I feel like such a freak during the spring. Everyone else is all “Oh it is so beautiful out!” and “Look at the blooming trees!” and “Let’s go for a walk!” I on the other hand, am like, “Screw you trees” and “Spring can kiss my ass” and “Don’t talk to me when we are outside because I am holding my breath.”

Anywho, I was trying to think of other interesting things about myself besides the fact that my body thinks that pollen is this horrible virus that MUST BE DESTROYED and I managed to come up with something. The longest I have lived in one place is 5 years. In fact, before college, the longest I was in one town was 3 years or less. I was actually in 3 different second grades due to the fact that we lived in one town for about 3 months and then moved again. My father is not in the military (always the first question I get when I tell someone how many times I have moved) but he did work for a company that moved him a lot. I completely LOATHED moving when I was younger (which I addressed in the previous post) especially when we moved in the middle of the school year. I cannot tell you how many times we moved and on the first day in a new class, the teacher made me stand up and tell the class “something about myself.” Gee, thanks teacher. I already feel like an outcast because I am new and you go and make is so much better by forcing me to stand up and talk in front of everyone.

I started out in Alabama and moved to Georgia when I was 5. My sister was born in Georgia and then we moved to South Carolina. After that we moved to Texas and then to Illinois. I started high school in Illinois and right before my senior year we moved back to Georgia (I wanted to punch my parents for that one. Instead, I stopped talking to them and spent the summer shoving food in my mouth and got nice and chubby for my senior year. My first day of school I wore a jean skirt that I thought looked pretty good. I asked my mom how I looked and she agreed that I looked good. I found out recently that I actually looked like a “stuffed sausage” but my mom was too scared to tell me since I was a giant ass to them that summer. Sweet. I guess I deserved that one.) After I graduated college, I moved back to Alabama to live with my grandparents until I could find a job back in Georgia. Luckily, my grandmother found me a job and I decided to stay in Alabama where I met my wonderful husband!

I do envy JJ sometimes because he has that “little town he grew up in where everyone knows him” and I don’t have anything like that. Looking back though, I am pretty grateful for the moving that we did. I still have friends in Georgia, Texas, and Illinois. I was also forced to be more social than I was comfortable with which has helped me become less introverted. So, Mom and Dad, please forgive me for being a total biatch every time we moved. You guys rock and I love you so much!


Mrs T said...

I went to four different schools. That was enough for me! Moving as a kid is so hard. I totally feel your pain.

You poor thing with those allergies! Sounds no fun at all.

JQ Brat said...

i'm back and i blogged.

hope your allergies are finally giving you some relief.

i've always lived in the same area. it's not a large town or a small one. i guess it's ok but i long for change yet fear it.

Anonymous said...

Matt and I are like that. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and when my parents retired, the only moving we did was to Heber when I was in fourth grade. I lived their until I graduated high school and moved to Flagstaff for college. I've been here ever since.

Matt, on the other hand, has moved around so much because his dad is in the air force. The longest time he spent at any location was about 8 years in Germany. But even now, he doesn't keep in touch with the people he met there because right in the middle of high school, they were stationed in Vegas and then in Tucson, Arizona.

We grew up so differently. I know and keep in touch with people that I've known since I was 8. He really doesn't have those life long friends yet.