Monday, June 9, 2008

Life is Good

I have a meeting in a few minutes (I don't know why but just saying "I have a meeting" makes me feel more grown up) but I wanted to give yall an update.

We have someone leaving HR for another job. She was in charge of benefits such as short term disability, long term disability, accidental death and dismemberment, FMLA and 401K. And guess what...I got her job!!! I am keeping some of the responsibilities I have now and then I am going to take over everything she is doing. We are going to hire someone else to take over the rest of what I was doing before. I still have to sit down with my boss and work out the specifics but I am really hoping to get a decent raise out of this.

I was so tired of being bored at work. I would come in to work each day, work for about an hour and then be all caught up. So I would be bored the entire rest of the day. It was completely killing me. Being bored at work is way more difficult than being busy. I was depressed and tired all of the time. I felt completely useless. Now all of that has changed! I am spending every day in meetings and getting trained. Everyone is so happy for me and I am so proud. Apparently there were about 3 people that recommended I take her responsiblities over. I actually feel like a member of HR instead of just a secretary.

Oh and I am also going to graduate school! I am going to go back and get my Master's in Social Work. That will help me in my new job as well as if I decide to ever leave my current job. I have always wanted to do something in either the psychology (which I have my BS degree in) or social work field so I am doing it! I am a little nervous to take on such a huge task but I am going to work my butt of and do this!

I have felt so stuck and hopeless for the past couple of months and now everything has turned around. I am happy and confident in my job, I love my new house, JJ and I are doing wonderful, I am in shape and healthy, I have a vacation coming up and I am going to start school again. Everything is falling into place. Finally!!!


ZooKeeper said...

Congratulations! I do all of the HR stuff here at work but someone else has the is that fair? I also do all the secretary work, shipping, accounts payable & receivable, etc. etc. And I don't get paid shit. I hope you are more appreciated in your position than I am!

Sam said...

Yes, being bored at work is definitely far worse than being busy! At least when you're busy you can procrastinate and have trouble deciding what to do next thereby wasting time!!

Lil Sass said...

I worked in HR for 3 years before going to grad school and I loooooved it! I actually just talked my BFF into going into HR because it's very "solutions driven". You are analyzing and fixing and doing and all of it really worked for me. Congrats1

Sarah said...

thats fantastic! way to go!

Jacki said...

Congratulations!! That's great!

Miss Grace said...

Congratulations Becs! That all sounds wonderful, and much kudos on the new job.
I love it when people are doing well. Especially since these days there are so many people struggling.
I love that your life is working out so swimmingly.
(Can you wear capris now?)