Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So based on the feedback I recieved from my last post and actually using my own mind to decide, I have decided that I am going to share my blog with my boyfriend. I am pretty sure he will just think it's funny. If I ever write anything bad about him, it will probably be something I have already yelled at him anyway.

So now on to the more important news. I am going to California this summer!!!! However, lots of thought, tears, confusion and work went into making this decision.

I was planning on going with my boyfriend to visit his parents this summer. It would be the first time for me to meet his family and I was pretty nervous. They had cats and I am severely allergic, I was worried his mom wouldn't like me because my boyfriend and I are moving in together (before we are married...gasp!), and I am pretty shy and he has a HUGE family. However, we would get to go horseback riding every day and I would get to spend 5 straight days with my best friend/love of my life. So I was nervous but still very excited. Plus, my boyfriend was also very excited and looking forward to it.

This weekend my mom called and asked me if I would be interested in joining them on the family vacation this year. Now my family goes on some serious vacations. I have gone with them to Arizona (Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix....great trip!) and Hawaii (obviously also a wonderful trip. How could Hawaii be anything but amazing?). They have also gone to San Francisco and Denver but I was not able to join them on those. I wasn't actually invited to go on those with them. However, this year I am invited!!! They are going to San Diego and Palm Springs for a week in July.

Here is the major problem; I only have enough leave accrued to go either with the bf or with my family. Not both, only one! Ugh. I started crying because I wanted to go to California but I couldn't just back out on the bf (from now on he will be referred to as JJ. I have no reasoning behind choosing JJ so don't read too much into that!). Luckily, I have the greatest bf alive. JJ held my hand and told me I would be crazy to pass on going to CA with my family. He used his wonderful reasoning skills and put everything into perspective for me. He asked me when would be the next time I would get to go to CA with my family. I said probably never. He then asked when would be the next time I could go home with him and I said Thanksgiving. Hmmm... that makes that decision a bit easier. Why don't I think that way? He uses reasoning and I use all emotion. I was thinking "I will be sad to not go to CA but I will also be sad to not go home with JJ. JJ might be sad if I don't go with him. But what if my parents get hurt if I say no to going with them?" Blah. It's much easier his way.

JJ was not disappointed at all and seems to be genuinely happy and excited for me. I am happy and excited too if only it weren't for my mother. She basically made me feel like crap yesterday when I called to tell her I had decided to go with them. That will be my next post though because I should really try to get some work done this morning. Try being the key word.

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the post about the engagement rings! Color is a little much - but still cool at the same time!

You are in a delimma honey...its hard to pick between the family and the BF! I would do what you feel is right for YOU! Whatever your decision the other party will be understanding. If you pick going with your family...and are going to be misreable...you need to go with your BF and vice versa.

Don't be scared about meeting his family! Be yourself. If he picked you, his family will pick you too :) But better not advertise the idea of moving in together especially if they are against it!!! Yikes!