Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Roomie

This weekend over dinner, JJ and I started talking about old roommates. It turns out that if there was an award for the world's worst roommate, I would totally win.

When I was 18 my mom told me that I needed to move out ASAP (we fought a LOT and it was really time for me to leave). I was discussing that situation with a coworker and another coworker (let's call her Ms. AD for Alcoholic Druggie)overheard us. Ms. AD mentioned that her and her friend (let's call her Ms. SF for Sex Fiend) had a condo and were looking for a third roommate. I barely knew Ms. AD and did not know anything about her partying habits. I had never met Ms. SF either (she actually turned out to be pretty cool but was a total nympho). I decided that I really just wanted to get out of my parents house, so how bad could it be?

As soon as I moved in the partying began. Ms. AD drank every single night. Then there were the parties that I did not know about until I got home. One night after a long evening at work (I was a waitress), I came home to the place being filled with about 70 people. As soon as I walked in, the police arrived so I went right up to my room and tried to sleep. Ms. AD would also leave our front door unlocked a lot. We did not live in the best neighborhood and that was not a good idea.

Ms. AD would go out and get drunk, meet random men and bring them home. Then she would pass out leaving Ms. SF and I alone with them. I once woke up and got ready for work to find some strange man asleep on our couch. And I was ALONE in the house with him. One time at a party I overheard someone say, "Hey I'm gonna call ______ so he can bring us some coke!" I totally freaked out. I did NOT want cocaine in my house.

Ms. AD also had a pittbull puppy that she would beat. One time I was on the phone with my mother and she asked me, "What is that noise in the background?" I told her that it was Ms. AD beating her dog. She also would leave the puppy for hours alone in his crate. She once left to go to a club at 5 pm and left him in the crate until she got home the next day at about 10 am. Me and Ms. SF would try to help out but we were not always home to take care of him. We threatened to call animal control and she gave the puppy away. Thank God.

This was a time in my life where I was very, very poor. I went grocery shopping once a month and rationed everything. One month I splurged and bought a bag of BBQ chips. I was up in bed one night and I heard Ms. AD and her druken friends come home. I then heard them rip open my bag of chips and they start to eat them. How do I know they were my chips? Because I heard them say "Are these your chips Ms. AD?" and she answered, "No they are Becs chips, " followed by lots and lots of laughing. That was the last straw.

My parents and I called the landlord and asked to get ME out of the lease. I wanted out so badly. I just wanted to go back home to my parents. We told them what Ms. AD had been doing and they refused to let me out of the lease. Instead, they decided to evict her. That was when things got really bad.

Ms. AD decided I had backstabbed her and tried to get her evicted. She HATED me. She had lots of scary druggie friends and I was literally scared for my life. Ms. AD still worked with me so she started spreading lots of rumors about me. That was when many of my so-called friends turned against me. One day I noticed my $300 leather coat (a gift) was missing. I called Ms. AD and asked her if she had seen it. She said no. All of her stuff was boxed up since she was moving out. I went through all of them and found the coat.

Then one day I woke up to men's voices in our house. I also heard Ms. AD crying. I stayed in bed until everything got quiet. I opened my door and right there on the floor was a noose and a bible. The crazy bitch tried to HANG herself outside my door. She knew I had just lost a friend to suicide. Apparently she had called her ex-boyfriend and told him she was going to kill herself and he called the cops. They came and stopped her. I was told later that she threatened suicide a lot for attention. I hate people that do that.

After the whole thing was over and she moved out everyone was like, "I was so surprised when I found out you were living with her. She was so crazy and I didn't think you would like that." Wow. Thanks for the heads up guys.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

3-Day Weekend

It is so nice to have JJ back! I love not having to be alone in the house all the time. He got back on Monday and we have been pretty busy since then. He LOVED what I did with the house and seemed really grateful that I worked that hard for him. I made him dinner (the tofu spaghetti) and it was AMAZING! It was really simple and cheap to make and JJ ate a ton of it.

We also bought some new furniture!!! We are still waiting on a bedroom set we bought to be delivered. Hopefully it will come next week. This week we bought a dining room table, coffee table, end tables and a really pretty rug for the living room. I really like everything but there is something a tad wierd about our dining room table. There are all these little spots that have scuff marks and then little holes all over the scuff mark. We thought it may have been just something wrong with it but when we asked about it, they said that is how their manufacture makes it look "rustic." Ok whatever.

Little P is still doing really great. She loves going on walks with JJ and I. I think JJ really loves having a dog around. Everytime I take her out to pee, JJ will follow and play fetch with her. They are both adorable.

So is anyone doing anything special for the 3-day weekend?

I am really looking forward to it. I seriously need a break due to all the stress I have had lately. On Saturday night we are going to a concert. Taylor Swift and some other pretty big country music stars are coming to our humble little town so JJ and I decided to go. It will be nice to get out and do something. The rest of the weekend I am not planning on doing much. I will probably go out and try to find some pants to wear to work since two pairs that I recently bought I can't wear anymore. Other than that I just want to relax. I just need some time to breathe and unwind since I have not been able to do that for the past month. I can't wait!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lonely No More

JJ is coming home tonight!!!! Yay!!! Now I won't have to sleep alone anymore! And he is going to be so proud of how much work I got done this weekend.

Saturday I had to go into work for a couple of hours. Afterward, I ran on the treadmill for a while and went home. That day I got pretty much the entire downstairs done. I brought up the hundreds (or so it seemed) of boxes strown about and put them upstairs in the correct bedroom. Then I had to find my boxes of kitchen stuff and unload all of that. Holy crap do I have a lot of dishes. Our kitchen is packed full of plates, bowls and silverware. Unfortunately, there is no food. But plenty of dishes!!

I brought in my old coffee table and discovered it clashes horribly with our living room furniture and the floor. We have a really pretty dark wood floor and the table is this yellowy wood. It looks bad. So it looks like we will need a new coffee table too!

On Sunday I spent the entire day working on the bathrooms and the master bedroom. After taking care of all of that, I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and cleaned all the floors (vacuumed and mopped). I also did about 5 loads of laundry. By Sunday night I was completely exhausted.

But it will all be worth it when JJ comes home tonight. I am going to make him some tofu spaghetti (I am a vegetarian and JJ is just really really healthy) and help him unpack. I really hope he likes the house!

Only 7 hours and 34 minutes left til he's home!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Little P

My baby, Little P is doing great! The vet gave her every test imaginable (blood, urine, etc) and he said that everything looked perfect. So after 3 days and $600, it looks like Little P is back to normal. She is eating and going to the bathroom just fine. I took her for a walk yesterday and she was so excited! It is so nice to see her tail wagging again.

On another note, JJ is out of town. I didn't really think I would have a hard time when he left because I thought it would be nice to have some alone time. I was wrong. I am missing him so badly. I dropped him off at the airport on Wednesday and somehow got myself to work at 7:00 am. I had a hard time focusing on anything that morning. I just tried to throw myself into my work and forget about everything. During the day at work I am usually ok. But the nighttime is so hard. I HATE sleeping without him and I HATE waking up alone. I used to do that all the time but now I am in the new house and it is just so lonely. The place is still a disaster because with Little P getting sick and me working I haven't had any time to do anything. At night I come home, feed Little P and take her for a walk, make dinner and then collapse on the couch.

My goal is to get a lot done this weekend. I have to work for a couple of hours on Saturday and I want to get back to my workout routine. The rest of the time I am doing lots and lots of unpacking and cleaning. I want to get as much as I can done for JJ. I know it will be hard for him to leave his family and come home to a house in disarray. My goal is to get the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and master bathroom done this weekend. I also want to get it cleaned up. I hope I can get it all done. I wanted to make JJ a really nice dinner when he comes home on Monday but I don't have any money to buy any ingredients. With all the vet bills and crazy gas prices, along with renting the moving truck (that took diesel!!!) I seriously have like $60 in my account until my next paycheck on Thursday. So I will only be buying gas and NOTHING else! Let's just hope that will cover it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anal Glands

My dog is sick (I will refer to her as Little P). I noticed her acting funny the day I moved in with JJ. She was not her usual self. Her usual self is a ALWAYS happy and friendly dog. However, on Sunday, she was not wagging her tail, her head was hanging down and she kept licking her butt. On Monday morning before work, I was petting her and bumper her tail. She cried out in pain. I immediately called the vet and made an appointment.

At the vet's, they emptied her anal glands. For those of you who don't know what that is, they are small sacs inside of the butthole that release this smelly liquid when a dog goes #2. Yeah, sorry for being so graphic. However, it will probably only get worse from here on. You've been warned.

So the vet emptied her anal glands and she cried a lot while he did that. Then he gave her some antibiotics and an enima. She went to the bathroom before we left the vet's office. She continued to go to the bathroom ALL NIGHT LONG. Im talking all night. I got hardly any sleep because she kept having to go outside. She is still licking herself every two seconds and now there is blood in her stool. I am taking her back to the vet today and JJ is coming with me. Hopefully I can even make it to tonight without throwing up. I have felt awful all day and I seriously just want to go home and sleep. Blah.....

UPDATE: They kept my little girl overnight so they could watch her closely. They think it may just be a bug or maybe even stress from the move. I am supposed to call this morning to see if I can pick her up. JJ left this morning and I am already missing him like crazy. I just can't wait for everything to get back to normal! I will let you guys know how Little P is today.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Looong weekend

Ok it's Sunday night and I am absolutely exhausted. We have been moving my stuff in all weekend. I have come to a conclusion...I. Have. Way. Too. Much. Crap.

Going to bed so my body can hopefully recover before another long week at work.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mini job rant

Ok so I am a little upset right now. Let me start from the beginning. Last Friday we had a casual day. I wore some white capris (that came down to right above my knee) and a blue polo shirt. This week my boss came to me and said that the pants were too short because we arent supposed to wear shorts and she considered them shorts. She said that if I wanted to wear capris they needed to go over my knee. Ok fine. I wont wear those again. No big deal.

So today I wore another pair of capris. They are plaid and come down and hit me right below the knee (so they came over my knee). I went to ask my boss if they were ok and she said no. She said they needed to come down to my mid-calf. The thing that pisses me off is that I have worn those pants twice before and no one said anything to me. It never even crossed my mind that they would be too short. So recently I went out and bought a pair of black capris that are the same length (they hit me right below the knee). Now I can't wear either of these pants so that takes away a large number of outfits for me. I checked today and we have nothing written up on dress code. I know that we can wear sleeveless shirts and open toed shoes to work. I dont understand how their dress code can be so liberal in some areas but ridiculously strict in others. I can wear a skirt that hits right below the knee but not pants? huh?

So now I am short on clothes and I cannot afford to go buy anything else. I am currently trying to move out of my grandparents house and I am only making $11.50 an hour so money is really tight. I am so incredibly frustrated with my boss and job right now. Im tired of getting paid so little for a full time job when I have a bachelors degree. I have been living with my grandparents for a year trying to save up to afford to move out and now money is going to be so freakin tight. I am moving in with JJ and can only afford about $250 in rent. I cannot believe a full time job is paying me so little that I can afford to pay so little in rent. And now I need to go buy some pants. Freaking awesome.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Moving, moving and more moving

Thanks to everyone who sent me congrats on our new house! JJ went to the closing and everything went fine. We started moving in last week and continued through the weekend. We got all of his furniture in by Thursday and then spent the entire weekend shopping and unpacking. Well, actually mostly shopping. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target (like 3 times), Home Depot, Lowes, TJ Max, Kohls, Linens and Things and Petsmart. Poor JJ spent sooo much money.

We got into a little tiff (I love that word) on Sunday. I think we were just getting on each others nerves and we both were so stressed the whole weekend. I just sort of snapped. He was asking me what I wanted for dinner and he was naming stuff off. One of the things he suggested I said I didn't want. He asked, "Why?" I told him I just didn't want it. He said, "Why?" I said I wasn't in the mood for it. He said, "Why?" I said I didn't feel like coconut (one of the ingredients) and he said, "Why?" It was at that point that I lost it.

Another fun adventure was when we had bought this rug to put outside of the shower so that we have something to step on as we were getting out. The first one we bought was too big and we could not open the closet door. The closet door is right next to the tub and it is so low to the ground that nothing will really fit underneath it. So we go to return the rug and get one that is smaller. Of course, that one doesn't fit either. The only way it will fit is if we put it way to the right of the tub. Well then it isn't CENTERED and I really want it to be CENTERED. So JJ asks me what I think and I tell him the truth..."I hate it."I concluded that discussion with "Well if you are going to keep it there, I will live with it but since you asked my opinion I just wanted you to know I hated it."

After the weekend was over I was completely exhausted. Now I just have to get through next weekend when we get to drive 400 miles to get my stuff out of storage. Yay.