Friday, April 11, 2008

OMG the room is spinning!!

Yesterday was absolutely terrifying. I got to work and my allergies were bothering me some but that was about it. Then I started feeling slightly dizzy. Just slightly. But it was enough to worry me. I couldn't understand why I would be feeling dizzy.

Then as the day went on it just got worse and worse. I called my doctor and he was out until the next week so the nurse told me to try some Dramamine. I went out and got some during my lunch break. I took one and about an hour later started having some pretty severe waves of dizziness. At one point I had to run to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up (I didn't though). I asked JJ to help me out and take me to a doc-in-a-box place.

We found one somewhat nearby and filled out the paperwork. We got there at 1:30 and did not leave until 6:00!!!! It was so ridiculous. Pretty much all of the nurses were rude, we were left sitting in a room for 2 and 1/2 hours until JJ poked his head out and asked how much longer we would have to wait. The response was, of course, "You are next."

When I was told I was getting my blood taken, I was a little nervous. I have never been very good about getting my blood taken. And of course I got the worst nurse ever. She was AWFUL!! She tied the little plastic thing so dang tight! When she found the vein and got the needle in, she was like, "Your blood just doesn't want to come out. It is just dripping." Ok I can tell you why you freakin fucktard! You didnt untie the plastic tie! While she was saying this, she was moving the needle around in my arm. I was already dizzy and nauseous and that was the last thing I needed. She finally loosened up the plastic tie and (surprise!) she got the blood she needed.

The doctor was kind of an ass and he told me that it was because my allergies were so bad they messed up my sinuses and caused the vertigo. So he gave me a cortizone shot (yeah in my ass) and gave me a prescription for a patch to wear for the vertigo. I do feel better today even though I am still a tad bit dizzy at times.

JJ sat with me the entire time and he is the only reason I did not start throwing myself against the drab off-white walls in that tiny ass room. He kept me laughing by going through all the drawers, playing with everything in the room, reading Allure and commenting on the articles, playing with the little toy in the room (one of those things with the wooden balls you move up and down the colorful tracks) and just being his cute self. I owe him big time.


el moco said...

shots in the ass FTW!!!

Amanda said...

Not cool Becs! I know what you mean about the allergies. It has had me in the bed for a week! I should've gotten a shot too - but just pushed through.

So, I read that you are going to Cali with the rents! I'm sure that they want you to go & it will be fun. Better take some dramimine (sp?) though on that long ride!

I Want For What Never Was said...

Oh god. I used to work at a doc-in-a-box and let me tell you, they don't give a shit. You're not a regular patient (as I had worked at a med/peds doctor before, and thought you were supposed to be kind), so they don't give a shit. Cattle in, cattle out. And they don't really care how long you've waited. The one time I had to use one when I wasn't here, I was back home after I got my tonsils out and got a nosebleed (I never get nosebleeds) that didn't stop after a few hours. I felt like I couldn't breathe, like my throat was full, and I told the lady at the desk and she glanced at me and said "I'll add it to your chart". I sat in the waiting room from around 11am until 6 or 7pm. Then they took me back, and by this time, it had slowed down considerably, and the nurses' assistant that weighed me said "It's stopped now. You can go" in this really condescending way, and I insisted that I see the doctor, she said "No. Just go." and I said "Listen, I didn't spend half of my day kicking it in your waiting room so I could be told by a nurses' assistant without a high school diploma that I'm ok, ok? I'm gonna get charged like I saw the doctor, so I'm seeing the doctor." She left me in there for another hour, then the doctor finally came in. Guess what? I had ripped stitches in my throat, and had to go to the emergency room, where they pulled a scab out of my throat the size of a fucking sausage patty. Then they put me under and re-stitched. They also said that the scabbing in my throat was so bad, had I gone to sleep, I would've choked on it and died. Stupid ass nurses' assistant.

If possible, avoid them, and if you have to, there's usually an "after hours clinic" that has late-in-the-day appointments, not just a doc-in-a-box. Call and ask your doctor, for sure.