Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mini job rant

Ok so I am a little upset right now. Let me start from the beginning. Last Friday we had a casual day. I wore some white capris (that came down to right above my knee) and a blue polo shirt. This week my boss came to me and said that the pants were too short because we arent supposed to wear shorts and she considered them shorts. She said that if I wanted to wear capris they needed to go over my knee. Ok fine. I wont wear those again. No big deal.

So today I wore another pair of capris. They are plaid and come down and hit me right below the knee (so they came over my knee). I went to ask my boss if they were ok and she said no. She said they needed to come down to my mid-calf. The thing that pisses me off is that I have worn those pants twice before and no one said anything to me. It never even crossed my mind that they would be too short. So recently I went out and bought a pair of black capris that are the same length (they hit me right below the knee). Now I can't wear either of these pants so that takes away a large number of outfits for me. I checked today and we have nothing written up on dress code. I know that we can wear sleeveless shirts and open toed shoes to work. I dont understand how their dress code can be so liberal in some areas but ridiculously strict in others. I can wear a skirt that hits right below the knee but not pants? huh?

So now I am short on clothes and I cannot afford to go buy anything else. I am currently trying to move out of my grandparents house and I am only making $11.50 an hour so money is really tight. I am so incredibly frustrated with my boss and job right now. Im tired of getting paid so little for a full time job when I have a bachelors degree. I have been living with my grandparents for a year trying to save up to afford to move out and now money is going to be so freakin tight. I am moving in with JJ and can only afford about $250 in rent. I cannot believe a full time job is paying me so little that I can afford to pay so little in rent. And now I need to go buy some pants. Freaking awesome.


Michele said...

That sucks. And I would still wear the black capris because how can black pants not be appropriate??

Here via Links of Love. Best of luck to you moving in with JJ.

Anonymous said...

Hi, also here via the Linky Love thang. I'm with Michele - black capris seem entirely neat and appropriate to me.

Good luck with JJ and the move

-k said...

Unbuckle your pants and pull them down over your butt...wear a long shirt to cover your now exposed rear end and then tell your boss to suck it.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm here via Links of Love, too.

And I call BS with your boss. Why on EARTH are capri's not okay to wear? I guess I'm out of the loop because they seem pretty tame to me :)

Becs said...

Yeah I agree with all you guys. I didnt understand it either. The thing that bothers me the most is that there is no written policy on dress code so it is all subjective. I mean one boss can say its ok to wear one thing and another can say no to the same thing. We are a pretty large company and it just seems odd that it is like this.

me. said...

Show up one day without any pants, I bet they'll let you wear the capris.

Or fire you.

But, I'm all for positive thinking, so let's go with the first one.

Miss Grace said...

Wow. And probably if you hadn't asked they would have been fine. I would say wear them and don't worry about it, but now it's possible that your boss will be scrutinizing your outfits where she wouldn't before.

Sarah said...

sounds like your boss is playing the power trip game. possibly?

Wear the longest pair of pants you have and ask her if they're appropriate.

Misssy M said...

Wear whatever you want and when confronted say that if there is a dress code there should also be a dress allowance, as these are the only clothes you have.

Say there is legal precedent and quote some random court case at her. That'll freak her out. A degree has to count for something even if it's just outsmarting the boss.

(Found your link on the Bloglove list or whatever it's called!)

Haley said...

I agree with going the legal even could be sexual discrimination if your boss is just targeting your dress code, but not any of your male counterparts. Check out this article, it is pretty interesting!