Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are you serious??

Ok so one of my favorite things to do at work when I am bored is to go and look at the interview appraisals. Basically everyone that interviews with us (and we interview a LOT. I should know since I set up every single one) has a link where the interviewers can make comments and rate the person. Some of these are absolutely hilarious. Especially if the person sucked.

For example, we had one guy that actually answered his cell phone in the middle of an interview. He was also a hippie. I'm taking long hair, completely unshaved and smelled really bad. We hired him.

I should make a note that I do not actually interview yet but I read the comments and I also hear the stories from the HR people that do interview.

We have also interviewed a girl that apparently forgot how to talk. Everyone that interviewed her (there were about 8 people) commented that she didn't say anything. I mean, I understand being nervious for an interview. We have all been there. But isn't the point of an interview to TALK about yourself and why you would be good for the job? Yeah I thought so.

So today we had someone interview that kept looking at his phone throughout each interview (we have many people interview the person for about 30 minutes at a time). How rude is that? He was either expecting a phone call (which I can understand because sometimes there are emergencies but in that case you should let us know that) or he was checking the time. So the entire day, in each interview, he was looking at his phone over and over. He did not get hired.

Ugh, I have to go help out another HR person set up for this convention this weekend. I get to help carry stupid props into the building and set up our little tables. They are also trying to get me to work this convention on Saturday. Ummm no thanks. I am not driving an hour to the convention (I have an hour commute to the craptastic city I work in. Not only do I work in a tiny little city but I live in the middle of nowhere) to stand there and act like I know what I am doing. Plus, I dont get overtime. So I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that does NOT happen. Also, I might want to mention that I work with a bunch of engineers (along with some IT people). I have a Psychology degree. Uh yeah, put me at the table this weekend and I think it's pretty safe to assume I will not be able to answer one single question.

I know there are some other pretty funny interview stories that I can come up with. I will try to find some more appraisals later.


Mad Woman Meg said...

It's a wonder to me that some people ever get a job, and yet I cannot. Perhaps I am one of the people who gets funny comments written about them. Not a worry, I usually write funny things about the people who interview me.

I want your job :)

Karen said...

My friend once interviewed this guy for an internship position. The guy was sweating like Whitney Houston throughout the interview. And when the interview was done, EVEN BEFORE HE HAD SHOOK MY FRIEND'S HAND AND LEFT HIS OFFICE, he lit up a cigarette.

Did not get the job.