Monday, April 28, 2008

Druken madness

So to continue my story from my last post, JJ and his girlfriend at the time, along with Mr. NP and Ms. FP decided to play a drinking game one evening. It was one of those games where the winner gets to make up a rule for the next round. Well it turns out that every time Ms. FP won, her rule was "JJ takes off his clothes." Um... WTF?? JJ's girlfriend at the time did not say anything to her. Apparently she was much more mature than I am. If I had been there, I would have a few choice words for Ms. FP. Ever since hearing that story, I just cannot stand the woman. Yeah once again, let me remind you, she is THIRTY-FIVE years old.

Luckily we will not be dealing with those two for much longer. JJ closes on his house on Wednesday and then I will be moving in the week of May 12. I am sooo excited!!! We spent this last weekend furniture shopping. We actually made an hour and a half drive to this furniture store that is supposed to be really cheap. We walked around for about 10 minutes before we realized that it was definately not in our price range. We ended up finding a ton at a place about 5 minutes from the house (figures). We got a bed, dresser, chest, nightstand, mattress and comforter set all at one place. It will all be delivered to the house (for free!) as soon as it comes in.

I was so proud of JJ because he did a little bartering. He got the nightstand and delivery for free so he saved about 400 bucks (Yay! Good job baby!) I wish I had an easier time bartering for stuff. I saw a news clip about how since the economy is so bad right now pretty much every store will barter for stuff. Sweet! Now if only I was good at it.

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