Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr. NP and Ms. FP

I decided to make an appointment with my dermatologist in June and then just stop worrying about it. If in June the bumps are still bothering me I will go. If not, I will just cancel the appointment. Ok enough of that!

JJ is closing on his house next week and I am so excited! He bought the cutest little house real close to work and I am going to move in with him! It will be so nice to only have a 15 minute drive to work (versus the hour drive I have right now). It will also save both of us a ton of money because I am going to help him with rent and utilities. I am a little worried about what his mom will think of me though. She is a very old-fashioned Catholic and I'm really starting to think that she is going to end up hating me before we even meet. I mean, I am moving in with her oldest son before marriage. I am so going to hell.

JJ is currently living with a roommate. We will call him Mr. NP (because he has No Personality). Mr. NP owns the house and JJ pays rent for the upstairs bedroom, bathroom and extra room. Mr. NP also has a girlfriend that we will call Ms. FP (for Frumpy Psycho). Mr. NP and Ms. FP are the weirdest couple I have ever known. I really don't think they even care for each other. Whenever they are both home one of them will be on the computer and the other will be in the other room watching tv. Its like they cant even stand to be in the same room together. Ms. FP has two little irritating dogs. Now I am a dog person. I adore dogs. Not her dogs though. They are yappy and completely spoiled. She constantly carries one of them and now he thinks that he should always be carried. Ick. I really think that you can tell a lot about a person by the way their dog behaves.

Mr. NP and Ms. FP have broken up dozens of times. They have been dating a year or two (yeah I cant really remember how long) and keep breaking up over and over. Unfortunately, every time they break up, JJ gets stuck in the middle. Ms. FP will leave JJ messages asking where Mr. NP is, and if he is home, and what time did he get home, and how much she misses him and on and on. And get this, she is in her MID THIRTIES! I mean seriously lady, grow up! I would never act like that and I am more than 10 years younger than her.

Mr. NP and Ms. FP were supposed to be moving in together. Now they are thinking about breaking up again. Ahh! I cant wait for JJ to be out of there! Freakin wierdos. Oh and I will have to tell you about the time Ms. FP got drunk and kept hitting on JJ....


el moco said...

!!! she hit on your boyfriend????

best tease ever.....

Karen said...

Can you make sure NP/FP don't get JJ's new address? Otherwise, FP will be dropping by every time they have a fight. Or her housewarming gift will be pipin' hot boobies.

Congrats to JJ and you on the new place!