Monday, May 18, 2009

JJ's Back!

JJ is back! Yay!

I had a pretty good weekend overall. I rented three movies that were pretty much centered around weddings. I figure I will only be engaged one time in my life so I am living and breathing wedding stuff right now. I rented It Had to Be You (the remake, Hollywood Video didn't have the original. It was pretty good), Muriel's Wedding (different but very good) and Bride Wars (it was pretty cute). I also watched a bunch of Bridezillas. That show cracks me up. I know a lot of those women are acting for the show but I'm sure some of them are really that horrible. I am so glad I am not like that.

I cleaned the entire house so that it would be nice for JJ when he got back and he thanked me a bunch of times. It was fun having some time alone but at night I would get so scared. I was fine during the day but when it was time to go to bed, I HATED sleeping alone. The first night Little P woke me up because she was howling. She hardly ever barks and has never howled. It scared me to death. Then when I tried to go back to sleep, I had like 4 nightmares in a row. I am so glad I have a big, strong man by my side tonight!

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legalmisfit said...

"You don't alter a Vera Wang to fit you; you alter to fit a Vera." I loved that line.

And I hate hate HATE sleeping alone too, especially when its windy or raining.