Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Day and Updates

Today is going to be another rainy, yucky day! Every time I wake up on a weekday and it's raining I have to seriously fight the urge to call in sick and stay in bed. Today, JJ did just that. I was up a lot last night because we were having some really loud storms. Little P gets so scared and I feel so horrible for her. She pants and shakes and looks so sad. It totally breaks my heart. This morning JJ got in the shower and about halfway through declared that he was going to stay home today. He has been totally swamped at work lately and he really needs a mental health day. I just wish I was able to stay home with him!

Just to get you guys caught up on stuff that has been going on lately, two of my four bridesmaids are now pregnant. They are 4 weeks apart which means one will be 8 months pregnant on my wedding day and the other will be 7 months. The one that is a little further along decided to not be in the wedding anymore and I totally understand. My other bridesmaid said she still wanted to be in it. That surprised me so much! I wonder if she will change her mind once she starts showing and having morning sickness! I am so happy for both of them but it is a little weird for me. They are my two closest friends and I feel like the odd one out. They are always talking about babies and pregnancy and I don't have anything to say! They are getting so much closer and I feel like I am losing them a little. I'm not really sure what to do.

JJ and I went to a pre-marital seminar at a Catholic church near us this past Saturday. It was a long day (8-5) but we both got a lot out of it! We learned so much and all the topics related to our relationship. We listened to some lectures and then we filled out some worksheets and talked about them together. At the end we wrote each other a love letter and I take JJ's letter with me everywhere I go. It is so incredibly sweet! Anytime I need a little cheering up I pull out that letter and read it.

I have also started my photography class and I LOVE it. It is really challenging but I am learning so much. As soon as I take some pictures that I am happy with I will share them. Right now though, it is blatantly obvious that I am a beginner!

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