Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vacation, Part 1

Yeah, yeah. I know its been almost two weeks since I got back on vacation and so far I have posted once and it had no pictures. This whole working two jobs thing has kept me pretty busy. I am constantly rushing around and the only time I stop working is to pee. I have even been taking work home with me at night becasue I keep getting behind. However, the end is in sight because we are (finally!) about to hire someone to take over my old job. In the meantime, it is still crazy at work. I am enjoying my new raise though! :)

I am finally going to post some pics from my trip. I am not going to post anything that has my face or anyone in my family's face because...well I'm sure you understand. No one knows I have this blog yet and I would like to keep it that way. I know I would be pissed if someone started putting up pics of me without my knowledge.

This was when we went to the wild animal park in San Diego. We actually got to go into this enclosed area with birds. You could purchase nectar and the birds would land on you and drink it. The funniest thing was when this one bird landed on my dad and started licking his neck. I have no idea why it did that but by dad's face was priceless.

This was a condor that was at the same wild animal park. It looked kinda gross. A lot of the animals would come so close to you so I know that people have been feeding them. That makes me so mad.

We got to go on this tour where we actually got to go inside some of the exhibits. We were so close to the giraffes! We even got to feed them leaves! It was so cool. I wish I could show you the pictures of us feeding them. It was windy so we all look retarded. We are all laughing and our hair is flying all over the place. Well, not my sisters. Hers looked perfect and she had this perfect, casual smile on her face. Hate her.

This was our tour guide and he is showing us how to feed the giraffe. He told us to be really careful because we could not pet them. I guess if you do they can get really pissed and head butt you. The first guy that fed it petted it and I totally wanted him to get head butted. No such luck.

This was a baby giraffe trying to drink some water. Awwww!!!

This gorilla was totally cracking me up. He was fascinated by his feet. After playing with his feet for a while he was walking around eating leaves and playing with anything he could get his hands on. I think we watched him for like 30 minutes.

My sister took this picture and it is AWESOME. She slipped and ended up taking a picture of the inside of the jeep we were in. Just poking over the jeep is the ostrich that she was trying to take a picture of. He was just sitting there with its mouth open. I hate those dang birds. I am not sure why but ever since I have been a little girl I have been terrified by them. Maybe because they are mean as hell.

This is a type of rhino that is almost extinct. The park had 2 of the SEVEN that are left. 7 in the entire world!! Crazy.

I did not take this picture. My cousin did. And it is probably the BEST. PICTURE. EVER. I love meercats! I don't know if you can see it, but he is just staring at his penis. Every single guy in the vicinity was rushing over to take pictures. Nice.

That is all for now. These were only the pictures from the one day at the wild animal park and I have some others. I will get around to posting those hopefully this weekend. JJ has been wanting to hang these shelves in our garage for over a week now and we are really going to try to get it done this weekend. Things with JJ and I have been really great. I don't really know what has changed but we are not fighting at all anymore. For a while there, I was really starting to worry about our future but that has totally changed. I can honestly say we have a really healthy and fun relationship. Yay!

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Miss Grace said...

Glad you had fun, and that you're happy.