Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Ceremony

When the wedding coordinator told us it was time to go we listened and headed out! The coordinator worked with the church and she scared me a little. She was really strict and direct and there was no way I was going to get on her bad side! Unfortunately, in all the excitement of heading to the church, I didn't realize my mom wasn't completely ready, so we left without her. Luckily, where we were getting ready was right next to the actual church so my mom managed to make it over to the church before the ceremony started. My mom is a little upset that she wasn't in any of the pictures that were taken on our walk into the church, but that's ok.

Here is a picture of me and my dad walking in. He held on to me the whole way into the church!
Once we got into the church, all the girls lined up and I hid in the confessional (little room off to the side of the church).
I was sitting in the confessional alone for a little bit and then the photographer came in to take some pictures of me in the stairway leading up to the balcony.

After that, I sat alone for a little longer and the moment really started to sink in. I was about to get married! It still seemed so surreal! I remember worrying about whether I would get nervous before I walked in but I wasn't. I was completely at peace, even when I was just sitting alone and waiting. My dad came in to sit with me and we really didn't talk much. It was such a huge moment!
Then it was time! I grabbed my dad's arm and we started to walk down the aisle. I looked around and was so excited to see so many people that were there for us. I am so lucky to have so many people that love me! Everyone was smiling and I was so happy. Before the ceremony, my mom told me to just look at her if I got nervous but I never saw her. That was probably a good thing because my mom said she was bawling like a baby the whole time I walked down the aisle! I got to JJ and he smiled and took my hand. The ceremony started!

I was so happy and peaceful throughout the ceremony. My grandfather and JJ's aunt did the readings and they did a great job. I could tell my grandpa was a little nervous. At one point, when he was reading the names of the people that had died in our family, he choked up a little. His daughter (my aunt) was on that list. She died when she was only 22. I almost lost it when I saw him holding back the tears. I managed to hold it together. In fact, the only time I cried (just a little!) was when we were doing the vows. You could hear my voice shaking a little and I was really trying to not cry! Before I knew it we were kissing and we were husband and wife!

I had been a little worried that the ceremony would seem long because Catholics are known for long, boring weddings. However, our priest was amazing. He told a couple of jokes and made everyone very comfortable. Even the people that were not Catholic said they enjoyed the ceremony and it didn't seem long.

The next thing I knew, we were being announced! My cousin was the one that got to announce us (I think the priest wanted to make him feel special) and he did such a great job! He tried to make his voice as low and powerful as he could and announced us. Everyone cracked up. Then we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife! I couldn't stop smiling!

After we walked out, we went back into the room I waited in before the ceremony to wait until everyone had left. Once they did, we went back into the church for some more pictures. We also took some outside as we were walking to the reception venue (it was about a block from the church). I will post some of those pictures later.
Next post will be the reception!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

You look so pretty. The thing I love about blogs is that it is a way for you to reflect upon the big day and journal everything while it is still fresh in your mind. Reading your thoughts about the day leading up to the ceremony made me start to think about what my day will be like and how I will feel in those final moments. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great re-cap of the ceremony! I got a little teary. :)

P said...

I love that pic of you on the stairs - its beautiful!

Miss T said...

Your poor Mum! So glad she made it in time.

That is so sweet about you and your Dad sitting together before the ceremony.

Lovely pictures.

Can't wait for the reception recap.

JHE'ANELL, The Fabulous Wife said...

Why are church coordinators always so scary? They terrify me...I thought it was just me, lol. So happy your ceremony went off without a hitch - you looked beautiful.