Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Stuff

I am right in the middle of meeting with all my wedding vendors to make sure all the details are finalized. Last week I met with our reception vendor and had my makeup trial run. Yesterday I met with our photographer (LOVE him) and today we met with the people catering our rehearsal. I am really excited about the rehearsal dinner. We found this amazing venue that is a little coffee shop with couches and a fireplace. They even have board games! The people the own the coffee shop are catering it. We are having chicken picatta with linguine, a salad and for dessert we are having chocolate bread pudding. Yum!

Tomorrow I meet with the musicians for the ceremony and Thursday I meet with the florist. I am also having an airbrush tanning trial run of at the Weston Spa. Saturday I have my hair dry run. Next week I will only have to meet with the DJ on Monday and pick up my dress on Tuesday.

Other than finishing the favors and printing the programs we will pretty much be done! I can't wait for all the rushing around to be done and I can just look forward to the wedding (and the honeymoon of course!)

Here is a picture of our favor boxes.

They are filled with carmel hershey kisses and the leaf tag says "Joshua and Rebecca 10/10/2009." I have 20 that are completely done so that leaves me with about 80 more to do. We are estimating about 70 people coming to the wedding but we need to make extras just in case. I can't believe things are actually getting done and everything is coming together. In only 18 days I will be someone's wife. So weird.


That Kind of Girl said...

Those favor boxes are too cute! I love the autumnal color palette! How'd you make the tags? Cricut? Stencil? Gasp -- freehand?!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Becs, I wanted to thank you for what you wrote in my last post. Your comment really lifted my spirits and made me feel better. It was such a raw and honest post that I was thinking of taking it down soon after I wrote it. I'm usually a very positive person and I don't like to bring anyone down with any depressing shit, but I just felt like writing it out would make me feel better. It's amazing how a little support from a stranger can go such a long way. Your comment made me feel like someone understood and I didn't need to feel embarrassed about admitting that my engagement wasn't "perfect". Thanks so much!