Friday, July 17, 2009


Things over the past few weeks have definitely been rough. In addition to the last two posts, my laptop crashed, my dog got sick and I got food poisoning. However, I made it through all the crap and am trying to think positively! I decided to list these positive things so when I get down I can just read the list and instantly be in a better mood.

1. JJ is wonderful. He has been so supportive!
2. I am marrying my wonderful JJ in 2 and 1/2 months. Ahhh!!!
3. My family is doing very well. Everyone is healthy.
4. My mom and sister are coming to visit in a few weeks. I am so excited!
5. I love my wonderful dog, Little P. Seriously, she brightens my day whenever I see her wagging tail and adoring eyes.
6. I have a decent job and work with a few really close friends. In today's economy just being employed is something to be very grateful for.
7. I have some really supportive friends that have been there for me during the hard times.
8. I am financially stable. I'm definitely not rich, but I don't struggle like I did through college.

Yay, I feel better already. Plus it's Friday and I only have 30 more minutes of work left! JJ is already home because his entire family arrived today. Including JJ and I, there will be SEVEN people staying in our little house this weekend. It should be interesting. Tomorrow we are going to the Unclaimed Baggage Center and I am really excited. When the airline gets baggage that is not claimed, they sell everything to this store and you can buy stuff for really cheap. I've wanted to go for so long so I'm really excited about finally seeing it. Other than that we are probably just going to hang out, go out to eat, maybe see a movie, get the guys measured for their tuxes and have his sister try on her bridesmaid dress. We have spent the past week cleaning and getting ready for them to come so I am looking forward to a laid-back weekend!

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