Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping with Mom

I had so much fun with my mom. We went shopping and I bought 3 amazing shirts at Anthropologie and a sweater that was on sale at J.Crew. I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie. The first time I walked through I thought "this store is so not my style" but I was completely wrong. I usually have to try on quite a few shirts before I can find one that I like but once I do, I completely fall in love. They have really high quality clothes. Yes, they can be pretty expensive but I don't shop there for all my clothes. I try to find a few nice pieces each year and then build on to that with some lower cost clothes. Anyway I bought this shirt and so did my mom. It has the prettiest hand sewn flowers and fits so amazing! I also bought this one and it's really cute too. My favorite shirt however was this one in blue. It is really expensive but it was so worth it. It looks so pretty! It will be great for work but it would also look really but with a pair of skinny jeans and high heels.

I bought some shoes from DSW but I am going to return them. I kept second guessing the purchase and I realized that if I really liked the shoes I wouldn't be second guessing myself. I want to find a nice pair of heels that I can wear to work or with a pair of jeans. I want them to be a little different. You know, maybe snake print or some crazy colors. I think I have an image in my mind of what I want and I just can't seem to find them.

We also went to this store called Brighton. I had never been in there and my mom and I completely fell in love! My mom bought this purse:

Isn't it adorable? She kept worrying whether or not it was going to match her outfits and we kept telling her to not worry about it! No purse can match EVERY outfit so if she liked it, buy it! So she finally bought it and relaxed enough to be happy with the purchase. My mom bought me this necklace too:It's a little snail on a leaf. It's so cute! My mom bought my sister one that was similar except it was a ladybug on a leaf. My convinced her dad to buy her a really cute purse. If you guys have never been into a Brighton store, you should totally check it out. But you have to go into an actual store. Some department stores carry their bags but they just aren't as good as the actual Brighton store.

So it was a wonderful 5 days of shopping and eating out. My mom loved my dress! She took a picture with her cell phone because we forgot the camera. Other than seeing the dress, we really didn't do much wedding stuff. I have gotten so much done that there really wasn't much for her to do! I was so sad to see my mom go back to Chicago. I miss her so much!

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