Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Parties

So today is the big day! It's Tax Day and I will be downtown today from 12-1 with a giant sign and t-shirt protesting the fact that I do not agree with our current government. All my friends are going and we are all very excited. I just want to say a couple of things:

1. I am not racist. I am so tired of hearing this. Just because I do not agree with Obama that does not make me a racist. This argument is getting old guys. Come up with something new.

2. I am not protesting because I am a sore loser. I was unhappy with Bush's spending and I am unhappy with Obama spending billions more.

3.I am not protesting the fact that there is a Democrat in office. If a Republican were doing the same things Obama is doing, I would be protesting today as well.

I am protesting the fact that Obama just passed a stimulus plan and budget that will put our country in even more debt. I am protesting because I don't want my tax dollars going to someone who is not paying their mortgage when we were responsible when we bought our house and make our payments on time. I am protesting the fact that we are now bailing out businesses instead of letting the free market work like it has worked for us all this time (yes, I know Bush did this too and I was pissed when he did it too).

And to add fuel to my fire, according to Homeland Security, since I favor state or local government over federal (which is in the CONSTITUTION) and I oppose abortion, I am a "right-wing extremist." So those of us opposing Obama are now being labeled as extremists and law enforcement is being warned about us. Open your eyes to what is happening people. We have the RIGHT to have opposite opinions and we should be allowed to express them.

Ok that is all I have to say about that. I don't want to turn this blog into a political blog but I am seriously tired of being labeled as so many negative things just because I have an opposing view from someone else.

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Overflowing Brain said...

Becs, I respect your opinion and I'm sorry to see you go as a reader.

I just have to ask one question: If you were unhappy when Bush bailed out the businesses, where were your protest signs? Why now? I guess I just don't understand the timing of all of this is all.

I wish we could agree to disagree on this, but you've drawn your line and I respect it.

Take care.