Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Women suck

Women can be so petty! This is what happened. My department at work is made up of me, 7 other women and 1 guy. We all get along pretty well and go out to lunch as a department at least once a month. However, like any group, there are some of us that are closer than others. I wouldn't say we have "cliques" but we definately have some people that hang out with each other outside of work and others that they don't. That is totally normal right? You can't be best friends with your entire department.

Ok, the guy that works in my department (lets call him New Dad) is expecting a baby. His wife is due at the end of the month. His friend threw him a baby shower and New Dad invited me and two other women in our department. He did this for many reasons. 1) He knows us the best. 2) it was a couples shower and a couple of people working here do not have a significant other. 3) There was alcohol there and some people we work with do not drink and do not like to be around drinking. 4) He was also not comfortable with the fact that if he invited everyone, everyone would feel inclined to get him a gift. No big deal, right? Wrong.

One of the women (I'm calling her Big B) not invited found out and was really mad. She even said that if she had been invited she would not have gone, but she still was mad that she wasn't invited. She then said that she was going to talk to our boss about it. WHAT??? Who goes to their boss to "tattle" that they weren't invited to a party? We also decided it would be nice to throw New Dad a baby shower at work so the company could be involved as well. We all pitched in to help buy gifts, food, decorations, etc. The only thing Big B did was buy a card and a bow for the present and that was because she was going to be at the store anyway.

We had the baby shower for New Dad today and Big B claimed she was sick so she sat in her office and never came to the party. She couldn't even stop by. The entire department was there and she just sat in her office. What a baby!!! I know that she was not doing that because she didn't feel good. No, she was just pitching a fit about not being invited to his other baby shower. Then after all that, she demands that we all pay her back for the $6 she spent on the card and bow. I am so ready to go home today.


Sam said...

huh - how perfectly petty can you get - the perfect example of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face! All that happens is that she loses the respect of others around her.

Miss Grace said...

Thanks for coming by and supporting me today. It's all getting pretty ugly.