Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dreaming Away

I have been having the most bizarre dreams ever lately. I mean they are CRAZY. I had one where I was trying to date a coworker. We went to lunch and I kept trying to hold his hand. Gross.

Then I had one where I had an affair with JJ's boss. WTF?? Things have been so amazing with JJ. The wedding plans are coming along great and we have been having so much fun together. Why am I dreaming about other men???

I had one where JJ and I had to take cover in a ditch because there were like 20 tornados coming after us. We almost got sucked up but made it through. I held on to this root in the ground and JJ held on to my legs. This huge tornado when right over us and JJ was almost sucked up. After it passed we climbed out of the ditch and all of a sudden all the tornados disappeared and it was sunny.

Last night I had a dream that I was going shopping with my dad because he wanted to buy me a table for a wedding gift (a table? huh?). I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked in, it was a square room with toilets but no walls! There were no stalls at all! You just had to use the bathroom right in front of everyone. I had a second dream last night that it was the morning of my wedding and JJ kept talking on the phone to one of his coworkers about his homework (he's getting his masters degree). I got mad because he wouldn't get off the phone and it was our wedding day. I was also really nervous in the dream. I had butterflies since I was getting married that day. I actually woke up this morning nervous!

Another one I had was really long (or at least it seemed really long) and was so real! It was the day of my wedding (I obviously have weddings on my mind!) and I was invited to this ring party. At this party you could try on any wedding ring you wanted and if you liked it better than the ring you had, you could trade. I just went for fun because I ADORE my engagement ring and would never trade it. While I was there I set my ring down on a table and starting trying on other rings. When I went to put my ring back on, someone had stolen it!!! I started crying and totally freaking out. I kept saying "he's not going to marry me now!" and everyone was trying to reassure me. After freaking out for a while, I called JJ to tell him to meet me somewhere so we could talk. When I told him about the ring he got so mad and starting yelling at me for all these weird things. He said, "I can't believe you lost your ring! AND you didn't shut the door when I told you to." I don't know where the shutting the door thing came from but he was pissed. He then told me he was calling off the wedding. The rest of the dream was basically me pacing around crying my eyes out. I woke up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, shaking and crying. It felt so incredibly real. It was awful.

I don't know why I am dreaming so much. Most of the time I just find them funny but sometimes they are awful. For some reason I pretty much always remember my dreams and get to share them the next day. I think JJ is starting to think I'm a little insane. Maybe I am. :)

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ZooKeeper said...

Are you on any new meds? My doctor had me on one and I had the craziest dreams. Or maybe, it's just pre-wedding jitters...