Friday, December 5, 2008

Almost Dying...

As I am writing this, I feel like I could be dying. Ok that may be a tiny exaggeration but not by much. I have been having several wierd health issues lately (migraines, headaches every day, nausea, diahrrea (sorry), shakiness, dizziness and this weird fuzzy/out-of-it feeling all the time). I went to a couple of different doctors and they all said it was stress. I was starting to get really upset by that. I mean, I know I am not the calmest person in the world but I just don't feel like my life is all that stressful right now. At least not stressful enough to make me feel sick almost everyday. Besides my health, everything is really great! I was really starting to lose hope and was really having a hard time. I LOVE the holidays (especially since my birthday is right after Christmas!!) and I just felt like my health was making everything impossible to enjoy.

I went to a different doctor yesterday and finally someone listened to me! He says that there is no way that this is just stress and something is definately wrong. He decided that I need to get a blood test. He is worried about how I am processing sugar and he is also concerned about my thyroid. Theblood test requires me to fast for 12 hours. Ok fine. So I ate my last meal at 9:00 last night and didn't have anything to eat this morning. I headed to the test around 10:30 and I was so looking forward to getting it done so I could get a huge helping of pasta after I was done. When I got back in the little room, the lady told me that after she drew my blood I would have to drink this stuff and then wait 2 more hours to get retested before I could eat. NOOOOO!!!

I have been hungry before. I have gone a while without a meal before. But I have NEVER felt as horrible as I do today. I am shaking, sweating, dizzy, unbelievably tired and weak. I had to ask JJ to drive me to the second blood test because I am pretty sure I would drive off the road if I drove. I feel HORRIBLE. I really hope we can figure out what is wrong with me so I can get back to enjoying life.

45 minutes to go before I leave for my second blood test!


Gooseberried said...

Good luck dude! Hope things get better health-wise soon!

Jewels said...

how did it go?