Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture Time!

I thought I would take a break from deep, sometimes depressing posts to share some pictures! These pictures were taken in Illinois on a trip to this amazing little store called Pasquesi Home and Gardens. Pasquesi's has everything from home decorations to dog food and treats. The best part about it is you can bring your dogs into the store. We loaded the car up with Piper, Lexy and my mom's dog Roxy. I had a great time walking around and took a ton of pictures. Here are some of my favorites! They had a ton of beautiful birdhouses that I couldn't help snapping a few pictures of.

For my birthday, Josh had flowers delivered and they were so beautiful! I played around with the lighting a bit and managed to get some shots that I thought looked really cool.

Since we don't get much snow in Alabama, I was thrilled to play around in it on Christmas. I snapped a million pictures but haven't had the time to edit them all yet. Here are a couple of the ones I have. The last picture is my parents dog, Sunny. I am pretty sure he was posing for me.

This last picture was actually taken after we got back home from our trip. We gave Piper and Lexy bones to chew on but Piper was just too tired. She wanted to make sure her bone was safe though.

To see more or to see this in a larger size, check out my Flickr page!