Monday, June 7, 2010

I Can't Think of a Good Title Right Now

You know those people that say they never watch TV because they just don’t have time? Yeah, that is not me. I love TV. I look forward to settling down after a long day of work, cooking dinner, taking care of the dogs and cleaning to watch a good show and sip some hot tea. Since I seem to be having a huge blogging brain fart and can’t think of anything interesting or remotely witty to write about, I thought I would share some of my favorite TV programs.

The Hills – Yes, I watch The Hills. Shut up. I don’t know why I still watch it but I do. I think most of the time it makes me feel so grateful for my life (not that I’m not grateful every day). When I watch a scene with psycho Spencer, I just have to get up and give JJ a big kiss. Thanks for not being insane, honey.

So You Think You Can Dance – I never really got into American Idol but I adore SYTYCD, which is basically a dancing version of Idol. I danced when I was younger so I love watching talented dancers. This season just started and I can’t wait to see who makes it onto the show!

Psych – Does anyone else watch this show? It is one of the few shows my husband and I can watch together. It is funny and light and a great show to watch on the weekends. I definitely recommend it. Phych's seasons are on a different schedule so a new one should be starting soon!

Glee – Duh. This show rocks. However, to the writers of the show, can you please stop making jokes about conservatives? I don’t mind some shows like Family Guy because they pretty much make fun of everyone. But you have a ton of viewers that are conservative. Why are you making jokes about them? The jokes are not necessary and it’s just not smart on your part to make a large part of your viewers upset. STOP IT.

Say Yes to the Dress – Wedding dresses are awesome. An entire show about wedding dresses with a little drama added in? Yes please!

Law and Order: SVU – Love Stabler. Love Benson. The show totally freaks me out at times but I have never seen an episode that didn’t totally suck me in after about 30 seconds. Even if you aren’t planning on watching the episode, if you watch the first couple of minutes when the crime happens, you are screwed. You will not be able to stop watching.

Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby or any show with baby in the title – Baby Fever. I have it. No more explanation needed. I’m pretty sure these shows are not really helping with the baby fever. Whatever.

Flash Forward – I had to include this one because it rocked my face off. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled (damn you people that only watch reality show trash…oh wait, that’s me). It had a great plot, awesome characters and a ton of suspense and action. My husband and I totally got into this show. We have yet to watch the season (and series) finale but I know it will be amazing. I will definitely miss this show.

Please note that this list is not all inclusive. There may be others, such as Bridezillas, that I am too embarrassed to admit to watching.


Breathe Gently said...

Oh no! I can't believe Flash Forward got cancelled. I LOVE THAT SHOW. Sucks, big time. And I thought it ended with a bit of a cliff hanger too? So upset to hear that.

I wish we had more reality bridal and kiddie shows on tv here. I'm a bride to be! I WANT TO WATCH WEDDING SHOWS. Grrr. ;-)

Jess said...

Do you ever find out what happens in Flash Forward? We got it here in Oz but then it got shifted to late night and I gave up. The asian dude impregnated the lesbian right because I argued with the boy over that!
I have baby fever too damn the Boy not finishing university for another year and a half :(

Anonymous said...

The only one I've seen on your list is Say Yes to the Dress and I recently stopped DVRing it because it kept recording so many re-runs. I like that new show, Four Weddings but I haven't watched it in a while. I've heard of Glee and The Hills because of Twitter but I have no idea what they're about. *Shrugs*

I've never been much of a TV girl.

Mrs T said...

I adore the Hills. We don't have pay tv, but my bestie sent me the DVD's. Obsessed. And I too LOVE tv. It's great after a long day at work.

Love your taste in tv shows!