Monday, May 17, 2010

Totally 80's

My friend Christina is getting married on the 29th and I couldn't be happier for her. She is such a positive and sweet person and I really look up to her. Her joy for life is contagious and she is one of those people that you just want to be around all the time.

Anyway, a few weekends ago I went to her bachelorette party. I was really excited not only to hang out with a bunch of cool girls but also because it was an 80's party! I ADORE the 80's. My husband thinks I am completely insane for admiring the decade with crazy hair, tights and leg warmers but I really don't care. Everyone was supposed to bring a gag gift and dress up. It was going to be at another friend's house and it was supposed to be pretty low key. Christina is not the kind of girl that would like to go out to a bar or club for her party. (Secretly, I was grateful for this because neither am I). I immediately started planning my outfit. Did I want to go punk rock? How about Madonna-esque? Hmm, no I decided to go with the Flashdance/workout look.

I dug through my closet and came up with some black cheerleading shorts and a purple sports bra. JJ gave me an old grey sweatshirt that I cut the collar off so that it hung off of one shoulder. I figured I could wing it with my hair and makeup but I still needed something else. What was missing? Of course! Tights and leg warmers. Now, I don't keep these things on hand so I had to order some. Luckily, Target carried bright pink tights and bright purple leg warmers. Bingo! I rush ordered them so I would have them in time for the party.

On the night of the party I showered and did my hair. I tried to get it as poofy as my thin and stringy hair would allow. I decided to put it back in a black headband and wear some big earrings. I moved on to my makeup. I did lots of blush and bright green eyeshadow. Perfect.

I slipped on the tights, shorts, leg warmers, sports bra and sweatshirt and looked in the mirror. I looked AH.MAZ.ING. I couldn't wait to get to the party!

I headed out to Beth's house. I arrived a little early but I figured they might need extra help setting everything up. I rang the bell and Beth opened the door. Ok she wasn't dressed up. Weird. I looked around and there were two other girls putting up decorations. Neither of them was dressed up either. Hmm. Surely they would be changing and the other girls would be dressing up.

While hanging up some streamers I kept glancing out the window waiting for more 80's clad people to show up. One by one people showed up including the bride. Guys, I was the only person dressed up. I am not shitting you. Everyone had excuses as to why they didn't dress up. One girl said she didn't have anything 80's (I lied and told everyone I already had everything laying around. No way in hell was I going to tell everyone that I actually ordered tights and leg warmers). Another said she didn't have time to change. Argh!

About an hour into the party the last guest showed up. The door opened and I heard her say "I thought this was an 80's party!" I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't the only one dressed up! She came into the room and I tried to hide the confusion on my face. She was wearing black leggings with a dressy shirt and some flats. She would have fit in to any restaurant or mall and no one would have thought she looked out of place. A couple of times throughout the night she looked over at me and said, "I can't believe no one else dressed up!" It took everything I had to not look at her and say, "Girl please! I am wearing PINK TIGHTS! Why are you complaining?"

The rest of the night was fun but I had a hard time relaxing. On top of the whole being-the-only-moron-in-leg-warmers thing, Beth had a cat and I am severely allergic. I sneezed every few minutes and I am sure my eyes were bloodshot (but I bet that looked great with the green eyeshadow!). I left a little early and headed home.

So, without further ado, I present to you all...Becca's Totally 80's Outfit!! (I love Lexy's face in the first picture. It's like she knows what is about to go down.) Please ignore the messy house in the background. It's all JJ's fault.


Gilsner said...

LOVE IT!!! And I love Lexy's expression, lol! I'm sorry nobody else dressed up, that's so disappointing! I love parties like that and, hello, who doesn't love the 80's?!?!? (I should've let you borrow my crimper! lol) That happened to me once, I tried to throw a Halloween/house warming party (for myself, because that's how cool I am) and said costumes were MANDATORY. It turned into this HUGE ordeal and I cancelled the party. After all the bridal showers, stagettes, weddings and baby showers I'd been to I didn't think it was too much to ask for people to draw some whiskers on their face or put a cape on. Apparently I was wrong. Some people are just lame. You and I, on the other hand... are anything but! Love it! Although I will admit, I'm a tad concerned Target sells leg warmers, lol. ;)

Mrs T said...

Oh you poor thing. That is SO NOT COOL. Not even the bride?? WTF?

At least you look hot in the 80's!

Breathe Gently said...

You looked GREAT! I love that you managed to work with non-skanky 80's wear too, since that's what most of the current trends are, hehe.

And I can't believe that NO ONE dressed up. That is so lame.

Jenna said...

Losers who didn't dress up! Dressing up is one of my favorite things in life, and I even made my 21st birthday an 80s theme and told everyone they HAD to come dressed up. Which they did because I was the birthday girl. You look awesome!

Also I own those pink tights. And I didn't buy them because I was trying to "dress 80s". Just me. Doing my normal 2010 thing. :)

Anonymous said...
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