Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lexy's Story: Epilogue

I bet you thought the story was over, huh? NOPE. Haha!

A week or two after we decided to keep Lexy, JJ decided to take her and Piper for a walk. I had to work late that day so he was already on the walk when I pulled into the neighborhood. I saw him walking and I slowed down to say hi. He waved me by and said "Don't stop. Piper will get too excited." You see, Piper is totally my dog. She follows me everywhere and will completely ignore JJ if I am giving her attention. So when he told me to keep going, I did. I pulled into our driveway and started unloading my car.

All of a sudden, I heard JJ yell, "PIPER NO!" and my stomach sank. I looked up to see her bolting toward me. She had gotten herself out of her collar and leash and was running as fast as she could toward me. I saw the headlights and heard the car. It was like everything was in slow motion. I knew. I just knew she was about to get hit.

The sound of the car hitting her was one I will never forget. I screamed. I thought that was it. I just lost my little girl. She just wanted to get to me. But she didn't even slow down. She just kept running toward me. I dropped on the ground petting her to see if she was in any pain. She seemed absolutely fine. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the driver get out and stand there. I didn't even look at him. I just said, "She is ok. It's not your fault." I heard him say something to JJ and then he drove off.

We decided to rush her to the vet so they could examine her. JJ stayed home and I drove to the vet as fast as I could. I was shaking the entire time but I still hadn't cried. I got to the vet (who is awesome and stayed open late to see us) and they took her back and left me in the waiting room. That was when I cried. Everything hit me in that moment and I bawled.

The vet came out and said she was on lucky girl. They saw no injuries at all. They gave me some pain meds because they said she might be sore and to keep an eye on her for the next 24 hours. If she started having trouble breathing, we needed to take her to the emergency vet. I left relieved but still shaken up.

When I got home, I told JJ everything and he was relieved too. He completely blamed himself because Piper got away from him. I told him that was crazy and that it was no one's fault. He then asked me, "Did you see the guy that hit her?" I told him I saw him but I didn't really pay attention to who he was. He told me that the guy that hit her was the jackass that was Lexy's former owner. I could not believe it. Then he asked me if I heard what the guy said to him.

The man had looked at JJ and snottily said, "There are leash laws, you know," then got in his car and left.

Then my head exploded.


JQ Brat said...

Holy shit! What an asshole! I am so glad Piper is ok, you got really lucky there! There is this collar I use on Bazil and it is just about impossible to slip if it is adjusted correctly.
Get the "Lupine Adjustable Combo Collar."
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Sorry, I just love these collars!

Anonymous said...

Wow, OK you should totally do a prank on him or something. Put some sugar in his gas tank. Poop on his doorstep. I'm sure the internet will provide plenty of ideas. I'm serious.

Mrs T said...

WHAT? It was the same asshat guy? Oh that is too much.

I am SO glad she is ok. My heart sank when I read the bit where the car hit her. That is my worst nightmare - a car hitting one of my dogs.

Get the girl a harness for walking - no getting out of a harness.

So sorry this has happened to you, but so glad that the four of you are all safe and ok.