Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm interrupting the Lexy series to ask you guys for your opinions again. I hired I Do Originals to come up with a logo for my new wedding planning business. They sent me three logos that I can use. I also can modify them if I wish to do so. I need your help! Is there one you like better? Is there one you absolutely hate? Are there modifications we should make? I know you guys are honest with me and I really value your opinions. Also, since some of you are recently married or engaged, you are my perfect target audience! So here they are!


Gilsner said...

I love, love, LOVE the first one! I like the fancy R in the second one but, as a whole, the logo is too busy. The third one really doesn't emphasize the name of your company, although the R with the rings is very nice... the R on its own, with the rings, would look great on letterhead, business cards and the likes. As for the overall logo, though, the first one is just so nicely laid out. I love it!

If you were going to make any modifications (which I don't think you need to) maybe you could modify the first logo by moving the rings from the b to the r so it looks like the R in the thrid logo? In fact, the way the rings are in the 3rd one kind of looks like an e, so perhaps they could become part of the name itself?!? If you do that I would leave the rose red, change Rebecca to gold and make the 'Roses & Rings' red. I think it might make the rose 'pop' and I really like the rings with the gold R.

Am I being pushy? I feel like I'm being pushy. I really do like the first one just the way it is!

How exciting!!! You're well on your way now, Becs! Congrats!

From Now Till I Do said...

I like the first one too. It draws me in. If you were to change anything I would maybe move the rings and keep it just as Rebecca.

Congrats again!

Jess said...

I love the first one as well except for the placement of the rings. But I can't really see where else you could put them unless it's closer to the rose?

The others just look a bit too busy, I always prefer simple for logos.

Mrs T said...

I vote number one too. I find the others a little busy. And I agree with everyone about moving the ring.

Gooseberried said...

I like the first one the best. I like the middle the least. The third one is nice, but it's hard to read and not very practical.

I hope that helps girl! Good luck! :)

Rick said...

The first one, definitely. The second one, no way. Maybe, on the first one, the two rings could be on two different letters—posed in a way that it looks as if the two are reaching towards each other.