Monday, March 16, 2009

Blonde Hair and Basketball

I'm blonde today. Well sort of. When I went to visit my parents over Christmas break I decided to get highlights. I thought I would rather go lighter than darker (my hair is naturally dark brown) just for the change. I have never been afraid to change my hair. I love growing it out and then getting it cut much shorter just for the drastic change. The lady that highlighted my hair added LOTS of highlights so it almost looked like I just lightened my hair a shade or two. It was pretty but I wanted highlights not all-over color.

On Saturday I went to get my "highlights" touched up and I mentioned to the lady that I hadn't expected it to have so many highlights the last time I got it done. She said that she could break it up and add some brown highlights back in and brighten up the blonde ones. Ok, so now my hair has some brown highlights and some REALLY REALLY blonde ones too. Everyone has told me they like it but I just didn't want my hair to be more blonde. Hopefully, the highlights will fade a little since I only got it done two days ago. I went to the bathroom a minute ago and the lights in there made my hair look like it was glowing. I was actually a little startled when I looked in the mirror. Ha!

Other than that not much is going on. Therapy is going great and JJ and I are doing really great! JJ decided that I should participate in the March Madness thing this year. I don't know anything about it (which is obvious since I just called it the March Madness "thing") because I don't follow basketball at all. JJ says that I will probably do really well because I don't know anything. Hmmm. So I just went through and randomly picked all the winners. I have no idea what I just picked but I really don't care. I think I said Duke will win. Whatever. I am just doing it to make the fiance happy! Sometimes I just have to make some sacrifices. :)

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