Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holidays, Already?

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week. How did I get so behind? I remember when I was in school I would be counting down the days until Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now it seems like it is creeping up on me and is getting ready to pounce. Ah! I'm not ready!

This year JJ and I are going to be with his family for Thanksgiving. We will fly out on Thanksgiving Day, early in the morning. We will fly back home on December 1. I am a little nervous to go home with JJ, but not too bad (yet!). I have already met his parents and two siblings. The one brother I have not met has become friends with me over text messages (don't ask me how that started because I really don't remember) so I feel like I know him the most. I am a little nervous about meeting the rest of JJ's HUGE family. JJ's family has monthly get-togethers where they celebrate all the birthdays and anniversaries of that month. JJ has told me that there will be like 50 people in a little house. I don't have a large family and this concept is so unfamiliar to me. I tend to get anxious in social situations where I don't know many people so I am a little worried about how I am going to react to that many people in one space. Especially since no one has met me. JJ "reassures" me by saying that everyone is really cool and they will just make fun of me. Oh ok. Great. I feel so much better.

For Christmas, JJ will fly to his parent's house on December 19. I will fly to my parent's house on December 24 and stay until January 3. My birthday is December 28 and I will turn 24!!! JJ is going to fly to my parent's house on Dec 28 so he can spend some time with me and my family over the holidays and for my birthday. I am so excited for JJ to see my parent's house and Chicago (where my parents live). JJ has never seen a REAL city so I can't wait to take him into the city.

This will be the first year that we are splitting holidays and it is a little wierd to me. My parents are having some pretty severe maritial problems and JJ knows about all of that. It's so different to have someone else with you that knows all of your families problems. I know that is pretty normal when you get married but it is just not something I am used to. It is really nice, in a way, to have a best friend along with you to help you deal with hard times. But it is also something I have to get used to.

What are you guys doing for the holidays? Staying at home? Traveling?


ZooKeeper said...

I met J's huge family last Christmas Eve, they have a big get together every year and I was the outsider last year. I had met his parents, his brother and one of his aunt's prior to the event but it was still nerve-wracking. I kind of just kept to myself as much as possible, after a couple beers I wound up hanging out with the younger drinking crowd. It wasn't all bad. We will probably attend again this year so hopefully I won't feel so out of place, although I haven't spent anytime with his family since last year.

Dana Whitaker said...

My extended family is like J's, all huge and likely to show love by teasing. We used to get together all the time, for birthdays and all, but now it's dwindled to the annual Christmas thing at my grandmother's house plus whatever weddings/baptisms/out of town relative visits come up.

Husband and I are both local, so the only "travel" involved with the holidays is an hour or so up or down the highway. In some ways it's worse than big travel, because people can be easily slighted when you only live 45 minutes away, but choose to spend Thanksgiving at someone else's house. We've laid down a routine of alternating Thanksgivings and Easters (one year his side of the fam, one year mine) and a series of celebrations for the Christmas holiday, spanning almost the entire 12 day season.