Friday, March 28, 2008

Slooowww Moootttiiiooonnn

I feel like today is dragging by in slow motion. I am so glad its a Friday but I really don't feel like doing anything productive whatsoever. Luckily, I have already gotten through with the things I "must" do today and now just have a bunch of time filler crappola sitting on my desk.

Apparently, my company thinks that I should be honored when everyone passes the crap they don't want to do anymore down to me. Then I get "trained" on something really fun and exciting! Yeah, right. I just love being the new (AKA low person on the total pole) person.

I am now sitting here staring at the pile of folders I need to go through and print off "no-thank you" letters to. Basically everyone we do not want to work for us gets a really great generic letter on our wonderful letterhead. It says that typical "we just do not have anything that matches your qualifications right now" BS. I mean, who does that really fool? We could just go ahead and say "We just think you are a crappy person and you deserve to be unemployed" because that is all that poor person will hear anyways.

I feel sorry for some people because I truly think they just have no clue what they are doing wrong. However, some people are just so stupid that I don't think they should be working anywhere where any level of intelligence is required. We once had someone fail a drug test because he tested positive for cocaine. His WIFE then called us to let us know that the guy was on eye drops and that was the reason he failed. Geeze, if there is such a thing as cocaine eye-drops, sign me up (not really, drugs are very bad for you)!

Anyway, today kinda sucks because I HAVE to workout today and I have just been so lazy lately. Working out is the last thing in the world I want to do on a Friday night. However, my sexy boyfriend will be there lifting weights and there is no better reward than that. Everytime I walk into the gym when he is there I am completely horny the entire time I am in there. Yeah, the entire time.


I Want For What Never Was said...

Happy Friday to you! I saw you on So Very Alone and think it's great that you were inspired to write a blog! I was also and I really hope this all works out for you!

On top of this, I used to be a human resources coordinator, and my big horror story was when we had a stay-at-home mother of four who had a master's degree (also whose husband had just been murdered at a car wash in front of her and their children) interview for a position as a hospital administrator. She interviewed several times, and we became fast friends, talking on a first name basis. I set up her wireless internet for free and picked up one of her daughters so she wouldn't have to miss one of her interviews. They decided they would hire her, and we set on getting her drug test, etc. When her drug test came back, she tested positive for amphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana. When I called her, she got really angry and shouted "Well, can you use some discretion? You could just switch my results with someone else's right? I mean, I thought we were friends!" Never again was I close to a client.

Also, nothing turns me on more than when my boyfriend does something rally strenuous and smells all sweaty. His deodorant fires up and I can still smell his body wash on his skin....mmmm. I feel you!

el moco said...

wow, that's a hell of a comment. well done.

Backpacking Dad said...

I don't know about cocaine in eye drops, but I would have tested positive for cocained after my surgery: they used some kind of topical cocaine to numb my nose.