Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Amazing Year

One year ago today, I walked down the aisle and married the man of my dreams. During the months leading up to the wedding I had many doubts. I didn't know if I had chosen the right venue for the reception. I didn't know if my nerves would take over and ruin my wedding day. I was worried about how we were going to stick to our budget. One doubt I never had was whether I was marrying the right person. So many people say getting cold feet is normal; that deciding to be with one person for the rest of your life is scary. I never experienced that. I knew I was making the right choice.

I went back and forth on whether we should stick to tradition and sleep in different houses the night before and not see each other until the walk down the aisle. Only weeks before the wedding did I decide that didn't matter to me. I needed to see my future husband when I woke up that morning. I wanted to see him before the walk down the aisle. He is my rock and I knew that being with him would always make everything OK.

The moment I first saw him in his tux I almost passed out. I could not believe how I got so lucky. When I was younger I would constantly daydream about my future husband and what he would be like. I had many different versions of this perfect man. There was the country boy who lived on a farm. There was the business man who worked hard to advance in his field. There was the intelligent man who could spend hours having discussions and debates with me. Somehow, I ended up with the man that embodies every single one of these dream guys. He is that country guy that grew up in Oklahoma and I get to see that side of him whenever we visit his family. He is the business guy that gets up early every morning to spend a hard day at work and he is the smartest person I know.
Since we started dating almost three years ago, we have been through quite a lot. Our parents live far from us and that is difficult. We have been through a few deaths in the family. I have struggled with health issues on and off for almost two years. We have had our ups and downs. We have had fights over things that should never been fought over, but through it all neither of us ever stopped caring. We never stopped trying.

Baby, I hope you know how much you mean to me. I know I can be a pain in the butt at times but you are so patient with me. You have done things so selfless and giving that it completely blows my mind. Whenever I have a problem I can't solve on my own, I know you are the one person that can always help me. You make me want to improve who I am as a person and you balance me out perfectly. You are kind, intelligent, happy and witty. You can always make me laugh even when you aren't trying. I still have to catch my breath at times when I look at you.

This has been a wonderful first year of marriage and I can't wait for many, many more. Happy anniversary babe! I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone.


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I have no idea where the year went, I really don't. This is a beautiful post. Happy Anniversary to you both. I can only hope to one day find half the love you have. Truly inspirational.