Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Plans

Whew! The last two weeks have been insanely busy! I am so glad that I have a few days off to recover. Our Christmas plans are pretty laid back this year. Usually, we are traveling all over the place but we decided to take it easy this year. Since we got married only about 3 months ago and all of our family was here then, we thought it was ok to stay home. Also, this will be the first year we will actually be together on Christmas! Every other year, we split up to go visit our parents (JJ's family is from Oklahoma and my parents are currently in Chicago). Part of me is really sad that I won't be with my parents on Christmas but another part of me is relieved we don't have to worry about delayed or cancelled flights!

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) we are going to sleep in (yay!). JJ will probably head to the gym in the morning (which I will not be participating in) and then come back home. I am going to make our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve just for the two of us. I am making turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and stuffing. I will also make a pumpkin pie for dessert. While we eat, we will watch A Christmas Story. Every year my parents and I would watch that on Christmas Eve so I wanted to carry that tradition on. We will also open all of our presents on Christmas Eve. We will either go to the midnight mass or go to mass on Christmas morning.

On Christmas we are going to spend the day with my grandparents that live about 30 minutes from us. We are going to bring Piper and Lexy with us so with my grandparents 5 dogs and my uncle's 2 dogs, there will be more dogs than people at their house! That works out great though because they live on 12 acres of land and their house is a dog's paradise! My grandmother did not want to worry about cooking for everyone so we are all just bringing some snack foods. It should be pretty fun and laid back. After that we will head back home, have some leftovers (I am sure there will be TONS left!) and relax. Maybe we will watch some more Christmas movies and have some hot chocolate.

That is about all we have planned so I am not sure what we will be doing the rest of that weekend. JJ's mom gave us money to buy some bikes so we might go out and buy some this weekend. I am so grateful for a easy going and relaxing holiday weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Miss T said...

Sounds lovely. Enjoy yourselves. The dogs will have a ball!

Happy Holidays x

Gilsner said...

Sounds like a wonderful first Christmas as husband and wife! Merry Christmas, Becs! :)